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Safety and closed Printing

Closed printer solutions have many benefits from printer safety, to the security of the printer itself.

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oiBOX protects the printer from adverse effects such as dust, moisture or mechanical damage.

Box size

The internal box size is 550x600x600 mm, a space that can hold most desktop printers such as Ultimaker3, Prusa MK2S or Zortrax.

The outer box size is 650x650x720mm.


Chamber filtration and ventilation after printing is one of the main advantages of smart oiBOX. The box is fitted with 5mm dust filters, a carbon filter to remove odors, and a fine HEPA filter for harmful substances.


The entire box is sealed with a three-layer EPDM seal that protects the inside of the box from dust and keeps inside constant temperature.

Height adjustment

Thanks to the adjustable foot, the oiBOX is easy to straighten into the horizontal position.

Termalrunway * (accessory)

Is a security measure. If the temperature controller or printer fails and there is an uncontrolled increase in heat that could damage the box, printer and health, our oiBOX will shut down all processes, and the printer shuts down the box.

Extinguishing system * (accessory)

Is a security measure. When the critical temperature is reached, release of a quench powder that extinguishes all the resulting fires and prevents the spread of fire.


Thermoregulation ensures that the desired temperature is maintained in the box by cooling the external air.

ECO heating

Thanks to leaks from printer, oiBOX operates ecologically with all the waste heat that is produced during printing, and recovers heat from the nozzle and prints and LED lighting and keeps it in the box. This naturally heats the printing space.

Heating * (accessory)

Mounting the ioBox with the heat sink helps the ECO heating system to achieve the desired temperature inside the box.

LED light

OiBOX is equipped with a white-light white LED strip to ensure adequate illumination of the printer.

Sound insulation

Printer noise levels can be as high as 65dB. OiBOX can reduce their noise levels up to 40dB.


Thanks to the weight of the oiBOX itself, the 50kg design eliminates the vibration of the printer.


OiBOX is accessible from 3 sides using a large glass door. These access holes are fully available for complete 3D printer operation

Supported 3D printers

For oiBOX 60f

Ultimaker Extended, MakerBot Replicator, MakerBot Replicator Mini, LulzBot Mini, Zortrax M200, MakerGear M2, WitBox, Formlabs, Robox, Idea Builder Dremel, BCN3D Sigma, Prusa MK2s, REBEL, Rebelix ...