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New generation of 3D scanner EinScan Desktop 3D EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP, maximalizes ability of 3D scanning on your table.

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71 119 Kč tax incl.

58 776 Kč tax excl.

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  • multifunctional, easy and fast 3D data scanning
  • two scanning modes: automatic and fixed scanning
  • wide scanning range
  • powerful companion for 3D printing applications
  • new inovative 3D scanner for desktop computers
  • the easiest experience with 3D scanning for non technical users
Model EinScan-SE EinScan-SP
Usage mode with tripod Automatic scanning Manual Automatic scanning
Align mode on previous scan manual on previous scan(with reference points) reference points or turntable with reference points
Accuracy of one scan ≤ 0.1 mm ≤ 0,05 mm 

Minimal object size 30x30x30 mm 30x30x30 mm
Maximal object size 700x700x700 mm 200x200x200 mm 1200x1200x1200 mm 200x200x200 mm
Range of one scan 200 x 150 mm 

200 x 150 mm 

Scanning speed < 8s < 2min < 4s < 1min
points distance 0.17 mm ~ 0.2 mm 

0.17 mm ~ 0.2 mm 

Scanning structures, colors YES 


Output format *.OBJ, *.STL, *.ASC, *.PLY, *3MF *.OBJ, *.STL, *.ASC, *.PLY, *3MF
Camera resolution 1,3 Mega pixels 1,3 Mega pixels
Light source White structured light White structured light
Object distance 290 ~ 480 mm 290 ~ 480 mm
Supported systems Win7, Win8, Win10 (64 bit) Win7, Win8, Win10 (64 bit)

Minimal configuration

Nvidia, memory of GPU >1 GB, USB 2.0 Nvidia (GTX 660 or higher), memory of GPU >2 GB
or 3.0, Win7, Win8, Win10 (64 bit) USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, Win7, Win8, Win10 (64 bit)
Dual-core i5 or higher, RAM > 8 Dual-core i5 or higher, RAM >16
Weight 4,9 kg  7 kg 
Dimensions 570x210x210 mm  570x210x210 mm 
Packaging dimensions 610x295x205 mm  640x410x230 mm 
Input voltage DC 12 V, 3.33 A  DC 12 V, 3.33 A
Calibration table YES YES (HD) 
Rotary table YES  YES with reference points 
Load capacity of table 5 kg 5 kg